The 1920’s Berlin Project

Weimar Republic – A recreation of 1920’s Berlin, lose yourself in the past. Strict Dress Code!

One of the most beautiful and realistic places in Second Life, 1920’s Berlin Project is a complex of several sims aimed to re-create the atmosphere and life of the early 20th century Berlin.

Watching the people passing by, while fixing something to eat (already a distinctive characteristic of Berlin’s apartment windows, the wonderful pose set that you can purchase there)

You can walk by foot and explore its every single hidden corners or enjoy a tram ride that will take you, effortlessly, throughout the whole city. Every now and then, the tram will make a stop in some neighborhood station(that is prior announced as in real life), so if you change your mind and want to continue by foot, you can descend and enjoy the rest of your time there. In every neighborhood you will find plenty of surprises and things to do and see.

The building style is totally realistic in appearance, as well as in dimensions too, keeping it to life size perception of things.

In one of the many neighborhoods

At the main gate and teleport point, there is an avatar height guide that you can refer too, as well as lots of freebies that you may need in this journey back in time, as well as a whole district of period themed various shops, that will help you initiate your journey into the past(remember, the dress code is mandatory, so there you will learn about the period style and transform yourself accordingly – the access into the main sim is made through a teleport point that requires group membership).

Warming up at the small and cozy tavern, where people come to have a chat and enjoy some drinks with their friends…a dance or two also!

All of the renowned landmarks of the city are there, the Brandenburg gate, hotel Adlon, take a stroll on Unter den Linden, watch a period movie at the cinema, rent an apartment in the wonderful apartment blocks that you will see at every step or an elegant house in the residential area, have the time of your life each week-end at the Eldorado Cabaret that hosts incredible events for our delight.

Tango and Foxtrot in Weimar Berlin (you will see some glimpse of Eldorado Cabaret also).

Along the streets one can make a stop at the numerous shops, all strictly period themed and designed, as it would walk in the real Berlin of that time. In this way you will be able to make supplies for all year long without any fear.

Everything is accompanied by the most incredibly wonderful authentic sounds and stream (you can also purchase music set-up in a wonderful vintage, totally 1920’s Berlin design, radio case on sale at the record shop).

I love this place and is a MUST for you all to come and enjoy!

With the signature of Jo Hardley, owner and creator of 1920’s Berlin Project.

My Flickr album dedicated to 1920’s Berlin Project.


All photos © Sunny Difference


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