Candy Girl just got kissed

rudecats candy girl jacket1

Rude Cats comes with a new sexy and exquisite leather jacket, rockabilly style, CANDY GIRL. In fact is suitable in many ways. Tight, with a great embroidery on the back, will transform you for sure in a huge magnet of seduction, wherever you may go – get it from the  MP shop

Shot in the recently re-designed Area 69 – The Sin District, a place to die for, where the already known Satyr club (yeah, as kinky as you well guessed). Love this place, always amazing stream and a smashing decadent urban design that will surely capture you. It has a lot of “hidden” places, steamy, sexy and hot.
Wearing also :

mesh body – Isis (Belleza)
mesh hair – Cat Burgler Landslide (little bones)
mesh pencil skirt – Frigg Black set (Brii Underground)
sunglasses – Yukiya Glasses Mystery Girl Red (Ariskea)
skin – Ursula (PumeC)


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