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NEW from Zibska :
-> At We<3Role-Play – November round (04-30 Nov.2015), Zib is present with 3 exquisite creations :
~ ADRA roses&beads headpiece (includes two versions, with and without the hanging beads, and offers 10 colour options for roses, wires and beads),
~ ASTRIDR jewelry set (includes neckace, collar and earrings and has 30 colours for main, accent, chains and beads) and
~ AMELIE Deux jewelry set (includes cascade, earrings and necklace and offers a choice of 30 colours) .

Here, I’m wearing the ASTRIDR necklace, collar and earrings. Love these sharp and shinny stones that Zib is using in her jewelry, they look so crystal clear that i want to bite them (weird, but is the sensation i get every time i see them). They remind me of some specific candies from my childhood, that were cubic and transparent, no colour, resembling completely the ice cubes and i loved them!!!
(here is the full colour palette )
-> At Chapter Four – November round, among other precious creations, you will find the most beautiful gem of all, The Surrealist Objects mini collection.

***The minds of MeadWork took inspiration from Man Ray, Meret, Oppenheim and Dali in order to offer us these incredible delights( here you can see the source of inspiration , as the creators provide it on their blog) ***

Here you can see the Venus Restored sculpture(200L) and the Cat’s Cradle Chair(s)(150L). The Bird Foot Table(75L) was also around, slightly on the right hand, but went for a walk and missed the snap (all 3 copy and mod).
Buy them all 3, they are unique, astonishing pieces of art!!!! Love them!!!
Wearing also :
mesh body – Venus from Belleza
skin – Ursula from PumeC
hair – Adorable&Limbo from Tuty
bra – Adrianna from Zibska (Belleza applier)
Set :
skybox – The Ballroom from Garden of Dreams
Pose : made by me

All photos © Sunny Difference


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