Industrial Fontaine

zibska fontaine

NEW from Zibska :
-> At On9 – November round, comes FONTAINE jewelry set, in precious stones, necklace&earrings, equipped with colour and resize HUD (here is the full colour palette ).
It is the most classy, old and gold school elegance, vintage, discrete and delicate luxury, statement of individuality that, sincerely, you must not miss!
The 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and the 60’s had their ways together and this is their gorgeous baby.
It will turn all the heads on your passing, anywhere you will go!
Own it and show it in style!

NEW from NOMAD :
-> At 6th Republic – November round, NOMAD comes with the powerfully elegant Art DECO Industrial Gacha set.
Here you can see the Sculpture and the Zeppelin Lamp – fantastic pieces that I really believe everyone should have, amazing detail and work. Simply love them!
Here are the Gacha keys

Wearing also :
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
skin – Ursula from PumeC
lipstick – Blacktops from Zibska in black/purple
eyes – Gold from Kokolores
eye make-up – Egyptian Eyes from OF/PS
hair – Louise Hair Black from Claudia Boutique
mesh dress – Coco Little Black Dress from Glam Dreams

Set arrangement & pose made by me.

All photos © Sunny Difference


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