zibska pixie dust1

NEW from Zibska :

-> At Enchantment – November round (Peter Pan’s Neverland) ,
there are 2 magical creations, sparkling and shinning among all the other enchantments :
~ STELLINE jewelry set as the hunt gift for the event, which includes brows, Vespera Stelline vs. necklace and orbit in silver.
~ PIXIE DUST ensemble for woman and man, that includes body suit base in the girl’s version and a bottom wrap in the guy’s version, both include circlet, winglets, upper and lower skirts and offer 12 colours for bodysuit/wrap, main and accent bits via HUD.

Here I am wearing the Pixie Dust allover, feeling magical and light, wishing upon a star, flying to the moon, floating inside the fluffy cotton candy clouds, seeing everything in purple, fuchsia and pink, tasting the rainbow and more 😀

Dress up in stars and let the star, that you are, shine bright in the sun!

Wearing also :
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
skin – Ursula from PumeC
mesh hair – Fame from Little Bones

Set arrangement & pose made by me.

All photos © Sunny Difference


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