Heidrun and Bergjlot went to space

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NEW from Zibska :

-> At Winter Trend Fair 2015 , you will find some amazing items created by Zibska especially for this event :
– Heidrun jacket is included in 5 sizes and features 15 fur colours for the main part and collar,
– Bergjlot boots include 5 sizes with colour hud offering 16 colours for leg, toe/heel cap and heel,
– Steren top includes 5 sizes in 12 colour options,
– Steff trousers, 5 sizes with 12 colours for main and accent,
– Arnaude Top&Trousers, both include 5 standard sizes with 12 prints.

Here, I am wearing the sexy Heidrun jacket in black/fuchsia and the gorgeous Bergjlot boots in black/green.
Both fantastic pieces you MUST have !

Wearing also :
mesh hair – Baby Blue from Lamb (X-mas gift hair December 2015 Arcade – awesome)
skin – Ursula from PumeC
eyes – Simplicity natural from Dead Apples

Settings made with :
Dandelion lightbulbs from 8f8
Space ship from Dark Magick Wares

Pose made by me

All photos © Sunny Difference


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