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blog !gO alina skirt jacket and lace blouse1

NEW from !gO :

-> At the main shop you will find the new ALINA outfit (sold in 2 separate pieces, skirt and jacket with blouse).
Gorgeous textures, colours and style, romantic and sweet, specific details that make !gO name to stand out always. The outfit is completed with a small hydrangea flower that I’m wearing on my hair (from pack comes attached on the collar of the jacket).

Here, I am wearing the full outfit, skirt in light brown and jacket in a beautifully delicate flowery white texture, while the blouse is filled with laced ruffles, feminine and dreamy.

Works with mostly all mesh bodies and, of course, the system one.

***Shot in the unique and oneirique Oubliette that, unfortunately, after all these wonderful years that has offered us all in Second Life, will sadly close on February 2016. Will be missed greatly by many of us!!!! – see it here, while is still on .***

Wearing also :

mesh hair – Medusa from Spellbound
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
skin – Ursula from PumeC
lipstick – Wildberries no.5 from Zibska

All photos © Sunny Difference


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