Some of my entries for the 7th Oscar Fashion Photo Contest
Wearing :

W outfit :
mesh dress – Lindaline diskdress (uniquely beautiful, of course, one of my all times favorites forever!!! ❤ )
mesh hair – DURA Girl 51 (black) from Dura
mesh body – ISIS from Belleza
skin – URSULA from PumeC
lipstick – Winterberries 04 from Zibska (yummyyyy)
teeth – Teeth 2.0 Normal from [whatever]
eyes – Simplicity Natural from Dead Apples
*Oscar statue mesh from the Glam Life set (Rowne -March 2015 Arcade round)

M outfit :
mesh everything – the incredible outfits, the awesome crazy work based on DAFT PUNK members looks from MUSCHI (since i am a Daft Punk fan, yeah i love these sets from them) !!!!!!! ❤

All photos © Sunny Difference


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