Homage to Hecate

Some of my all time beloved pieces :
– Hekate mesh outfit from !dM (Chandra rulllzzzz!!!! ❤ )

blog hekate skirt1
The gorgeous Hekate skirt in sheer gold from !dM ❤
blog hekate skirt
Hekate skirt in sheer gold – back detail. Is impossible to not love this!!!

– Swagga snake ❤ (Swagga makes incredible stuff)

blog swagga snake
This snake made by Swagga is simply amazing. Voluptuously swirling around the neck and the left arm, is so realistic! Love how is going through my hair, is like I hear him hissing

(Wearing, of course, Isis Belleza body & Katie PumeC skin)

***Black Dragon viewer is poetry <3. Since I discovered it, few months ago, I am simply in love with it and use it constantly. Incredible detail, incredible light casting and shadow creating (totally realistic!!!!), you can feel the air, you totally emerge in the scenery, everything is palpable. It’s pure pure poetry!!!!***

All photos © Sunny Difference


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