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The necklace embraces tenderly, while sparkling delicately.

NEW from Zibska (Flickr post) :

-> At On9, January 2016 round, Zibska is present with the gorgeous SVANA jewelry set(necklace and earrings, color and resize HUD as always – check here for the color palette ).

blog zibska svana
This set is quite flexible, matching all sorts of styles and garment mixes. The AXELLE pants/boots that I’m wearing in this shooting (little visible here) are incredible, they deserve a full post that will come soon.

In the last half of year I have noticed a change in Zibska’s stones, she uses very strong, crystal clear ones, that I simply love.

blog zibska svana1
Svana has an unique attitude that is transcending.

Their colors are magic, I can’t take my eyes of them.


Wearing also :
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
skin – Katie from PumeC (can be still found at We<3RolePlay, under the tree, as a gift)
mesh hair – Two Weeks no2 Browns from Little Bones
eye make-up – Hera Eyeshadow Berry from Zibska (amazing!!!)
lipstick – Winterberries 02 from Zibska (along with the Blacktops series, are among my all times favourite)
mesh pants/boots – Axelle in black from Zibska (awesome fit at the highest level of sexiness)

Shot in the small library/office of the spectacular castle of Annon (I have something with libraries, as it seems lol).

All photos © Sunny Difference


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