NEW from !gO :
Flickr entry

-> At the main store, at the beginning of 2016, Gocha comes with the new LAURA&FILON mesh sweater (Laura for women and Filon for men).
Gorgeous for winter days, long walks or just enjoying your coffee, chocolate or tea in beautiful indoors, for everyone.

!gO pulover new1
The long scarf will keep you even more warm in the harsh winter wind.

The designs are inspired by Scandinavian and British vibes, the textures are wonderful and rich, as always and the choices are so many. (take a brief look at the vendor here )

Imagine that only the scarf has 12 texture choices via HUD. Simply amazing!!! You must have it!

Here I am wearing the LAURA version in dark green, with the beautiful and warm scarf in red.

Wearing also :
mesh hair – Noir/Chapter III/Magic from Spellbound
skin – Ursula from Pumec
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
mesh pants – Axelle from Zibska


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