Skye in the old Laboratory

NEW at Tres Chic January 2016 (opens 17.01.2016 – 12pmSLT):

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Love this romantic, baroque, classic, poetic, delicate, mysterious mixture of things

~ LAKSHMI creation for this round of the event – SKYE Dress is gorgeously made, with an air of vintage, classic poetry, in some gorgeous colors and fitting all the mesh bodies, as well as the system ones.

~ I think booN wanted to hit us with the contrast between the name chosen for this hair style – LAB, that sends technical vibes, and how this hair it is for real, which is all the feminine and girly things mixed in this gorgeous creation.

blog tres chic january review6
Skye searches for something that only the past holds.

~ CLUSTERED decided to create something very special. It may be only me, but i don’t think so, cause I am sure you will love the RUSTIC Corner decorative set. Is simple, rusty, old, with the roughness of metal and few wood elements here and there, is delicate with few accents of porcelain, glass and nature (the coffee/tea cups and plates& the 3 bottles that hold 3 small branches), is culture and education with its few pieces of classical painting of the world art heritage.
It’s has a very deep vibe in its simplicity and calmness.

All of these 3 pieces…a must have!
Wearing also :
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
skin – Ursula from PumeC


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