Miraya in the Rose Garden

NEW at Tres Chic January 2016 (opens 17.01.2016 – 12pmSLT):

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I am not a Valentine’s Day person, but since my attention was grabbed by a beautiful piece of work that is on display at Tres Chic, as we speak, I said to give a little funny twist to it.
Married people/long relationships and Valentine’s Day has no meaning at all, like whatever. The effort may be there, but, well, is like, you know 😀

Sooooo, the items this time are :
~ The very detailed and awesomely rosy, red wine, candles, soft pillows, rose petals and roses allover with their unbeatable perfume ROSE Garden Bench&Pergola from Bee Designs, calling you foooor….looove…, but someone has fallen asleep on THE sheets with his boots on….pfffff
Good thing there is a generous bottle of red wine to distract the attention!

blog tres chic january review8

~ Trying to be attractive and all in the, otherwise, gorgeous and revealing silky babydoll/tank MIRAYA from CL Apparel. This one is a truly lovely and delicious piece of garment, all smooth and silk shinny. Comes in brown, black and beige, perfectly chosen, very tempting and alluring!

~ The hair is LAB from booN, I talked about it in the previous post, at Tres Chic.

Wearing also :
mesh body – Issis from Belleza
skin – Ursula from PumeC
poses from the furniture, with very slight alterations by myself


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