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NEW from !gO! :

-> At the main shop, in-world, the new KITTY set (blouse and skirt). This is simply and totally adorable! A small kitty sleeps and feels safe in the warmth of your bosom !!! Melting, tender, sweet, let the hearts showers pour from the skies above you 😀

blog !gO kitty set1
Melt away in the kitty paradise 😀

You have to have it cause :
– it’s a SMALL KITTY in your blouse, guess this is enough reason already, is fluffy, adorable and all hugs and kisses
– the blouse and skirt, as usual have awesome textures, 6 to choose from to be exact – I am wearing it here in the red tones (the skirt is a cherries explosion, love it :D) – here is the full color palette
– it’s comfy, can be worn everywhere, anytime and every time
– awesome fit on your body and around your breast.

Wearing also :
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
skin – Ursula from PumeC
hair – Louise from Claudia Boutique

Animation with few alterations from my part(for the head and the arm and bit of leg) comes from the fabulous Blossom Throne – Zeus from 8f8, a totally unique and special piece.

All photos © Sunny Difference


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