All that glitters is Vanity

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NEW and wonderful stuff continue :

-> At Home&Garden Expo, NOMAD has a crazy awesome gacha set, perfectly named ALL THAT GLITTERS, and i couldn’t agree more with Pira on this.

Here I’ve used :
– the 2 Armchairs(A&B) of the collection,
– the Deco Pouffe,
– the Gilded Gold Table with the Golden Pineapple Deco,
– the Gilded Gold Room Divider and
– the beautiful Antique palm Tree Lamp.

NOMAD has a special and unique talent for vintage stuff, from furniture to every little deco detail. Is obvious that a great deal of research goes on in the creation process, accompanied by a vast knowledge acquired through close observation of the specific period and also an affinity to it.
So vintage, high class, shinny but in the most elegant and luxurious way set of old time classic furniture. – Gacha key
You have to have it because is perfectly made, with high taste and dexterity, is totally elegant and suitable for many interiors, has lots of animations to choose from.

-> At Tres Chic – February round that starts on 17th, you will find VANITY Table from LW Poses, beautifully made boudoir table with mirror, stool, Baazar and Life magazines to read and a gorgeous and lazy cat on it. Has lots of cool pin-up style poses to choose from, sort of dramatic and cinematographique, but hey, that’s why we are divas, right?!

The gorgeous curtains are the Carni mesh curtains from [noctis] (from an older gacha).

Thanks for the modeling help to my dear friend, Mozzy :***
Wearing also :
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
mesh hair – Louise from Clawtooth
skin – Ursula from PumeC

All photos © Sunny Difference


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