Collabor88 Blogger Search 2016 – Relaxed at home

What can be more relaxing than being home, chilling with some music, playing for fun and enjoy the silence 😀

My first entry for the blogger search organised by Collabor88. Flickr entry

-> I’m wearing from Collabor88 – Feb 2016 round :

Femme Fatale super sexy dress in black from Pixicat, epic dress in many colors, love it !
NIKA heels from N-core, crazy high heels old time classic already !

-> Used for scene setting from Collabor88 – Feb 2016 round :

CODE BREAKER machine from NOMAD, a great mind game, smart and funny in the same time, sustained by the well known designing talent.

Gun Target Dummy with pose + Bullets on ground A&B from Soy. This set is incredible, has some top of the top poses, you can make an entire movie only with this set, perfectly executed, Soy has a super talent to create worn out things, has a thing for metal, though everything feels warm and cozy, just beautiful !

blog collabor88 blog search1
Keep your mind and instincts alive and kicking !

The scene is completed with the following pieces from my collection :
– the awesome Under the Gypsy’s Carpet from Gypsy Wolf, simply great!!!
Books&Map from Apple Fall, for when you need to read some instructions and get some infos, you know 😀
– the SHOW FLYERS from Soy, cause, you know, i love to be entertained and i am very picky about it, going to theater and all. Now seriously, these flyers are perfect!!!
– the Postcard Map from Fancy Decor, cause i need to always have a clear image about my missions…sorry holiday destinations, where i was already, where i want to go and so on. Awesome piece!!!
– the Vintage Jukebox from Dad Design, cause music is everything for me, always…anytime…in any circumstance :D. Great piece that plays many stations also.
– the beautiful Skybox from Eli Baily, i love this one cause is extremely versatile, suitable for many styles, i use it often in many settings, has a great light and space geometry.

Wearing also :
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
skin – Ursula from PumeC
mesh hair – Kills no.2 reds from little bones.

All photos © Sunny Difference


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