Collabor88 Blogger Search 2016 – Sunny and her earthly findings

Earth is a marvelous place, where beings from outer space, like Sunny Flare, will discover everywhere the small treasures of our daily lives. 😀 – Flickr entry

My second entry for the blogger search organised by Collabor88.

* I’m wearing and using for the scene set from Collabor88 the following :

January 2016 round :

Eli Necklace Holographic, mesmerizing and hypnotic from outer space from MINIMAL, amazing and love it !
Jewel Be in My Heart Shades Gold amazing glasses, made from the purest precious stones found on distant planets from Intrigue Co., of course their true beauty is revealed in Advanced Lighting and you cannot miss this!

June 2015 round :
Ayame arm warmers[sheer] and

May 2015 round :
Rikka boots and body[sheer],
all three pieces from R2 fashion A/D/E line. On every roudn of Collabor88, R2 Fashion is succeeding in making a spectacular entrance every single time. Is very difficult to hold back from their creations and I am their no.1 fan!!! The glasses are also from them, the Karasu glasses[sheer], they one of the group gifts from them.

blog collabor88 blog search3
New friend from Earth

Scene set made with :
– the Lunar Habitat from Isil – they had it as group gift last year in autumn. Incredible set, you are inhabiting a 2 modules space “home” surrounded by a wonderful moon surrounding. It’s a skybox and, yes, is beautiful!!!
– the Golden Pinapple Deco // RARE from NOMAD, is a part of the “It’s ALL that Glitters” Gacha set at the Home&garden Expo for RFL. It’s a pineapple made of pure gold and it’s a real treasure and my buddy in this shooting 😀

I am wearing 2 sets of particles from the unique Cole from Cole’s Corner, she is renowned allover SL for her incredible particles shows and creations. And yes, all is true :
Mother of Dragons(Flaming Aura) from The Fantasy Gacha – Feb. round 2016,
Space Pirate Lanterns from Enchantment – February round 2016 and
Firefly Starfield from the Infinity ed. – last year event of Fallen Gods, birthday anniversary pack.

Wearing also :
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
mesh hair – Louise from Claudia Boutique

All photos © Sunny Difference


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