NEW from ZIBSKA  – Flickr entry

-> At Enchantment – February round, Zib thought of something beautiful. Coincidentally, it is one of my most favourite beings, the HARPY.
So, she created and amazing feathered set (head piece, shoulder, breast and pastiche pieces) inspired by this amazing bird and gave it her name.
Fits perfectly on mesh bodies and system one, it may need a minimum of editing, depending on your breasts size, but that’s all. I love the fit, the feeling it gives, a very proud and powerful vibe just like the majestic being from whom is inspired.
Many colour options via hud, as well as resizing. It’s a must!!!

blog zibska and tres chic1
Proud and powerful (skin Rhea peach/black eyebrows from Avenge)

NEW at Tres Chic – February round :
– the wonderful totally ’50s great Pleated Tulle Skirt from SEUL, here i am wearing the Onyx one,
– the Glam(ourus) Heels from MIGNON, wonderful colors to choose from and perfect fit for all the feet,
– the cute dogs from FASHIOWL that come as a prop of the “I am safe” pose, one of the several beautiful poses that they are presenting this round.
– the VISION mesh Eyes from Deesses Boutique, from which i am wearing the no.4. Beautiful clarity and realism, great pair!

blog zibska and tres chic2
That’s how you make an entrance.

Introducing my new sponsor, AVENGE, with the RHEA skin, very natural look, delicate, simple, versatile and looking great as i tried it with my various shapes that i make for myself, beautiful lips and fitting in the important parts of the body and head, is great how it fits around the nose and nostrils. Great applying on my Belleza mesh body, they do also for the other known mesh body brands, as well as for several very well known mesh head brands. I am wearing it here on black eyebrows and peach tone on my own face, not mesh head.

Wearing also :
mesh body – Isis from Belleza
mesh hair – Montecarlo Greedy Black from Vanity Hair
lipstick – Blacktops in blue from Zibska

Shot on location in HERMOUPOLIS , the freshly opened wonderful place that resembles the peaceful and joyful Paris suburbs. It’s a photo shooting Flickr friendly place that encourages everyone to drop by and hang out and snap images 24/7. Drop by, you will love it as i do, the concept, design and building are absolutely beautiful !!!!

Thanks for the modeling help to my friend, Giannis Kegel ! 😀 . All photos © Sunny Difference


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