Don’t trust them, they will spill your guts in an instant !
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NEW from NOMAD for The Arcade Gacha :
-> The Quaint, Queer & Quirky it’s the new incredible set for all and especially for those into creepy old school tricks, as well as for those who intent to venture in this new career. So you will need :
– the Sir Fox stole, classy faux fox companion, slick, loves to sit around your neck
– the Make-up Doll // Boy&Girl, with changeable appearance
– the Red, Black & White Dies that jump around like Mexican beans
– the Magician Set & the Disguise Kit (you can’t do anything without them as serious professionals)
– the Ventriloquist Dummy, RARE piece, funny and creepy in the same time – is the guy that talks for you, yes you got that right
– the Burlesque & Vaudeville Vending Machines, both RARE pieces, that throw some crazy shows for you and your friends, you will watch the show over and over again.

nomad for arcade1
All these thingies will make your disguise perfect !

Aside from the quality items that this brand is always guaranteeing, this time you will have some crazy funny and beautiful surprises. THEY ARE ALIVE !
Yes, moving, jumping around, showing p in the most unexpected moments, looking at you in ways that will make your spine chill with fear, wondering if you saw these things for real or not. Some are talking too, being able to say whatever you want them to say so if you have something to tell, do with without anyone suspecting you.
When you will take this whole set home, you will discover some more stuff, I won’t tell you, otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise, right? ;D

*Yesterday we took this awesome hat from David Heather, they still have it for the 50L Friday, well Friday is gone, but you know, so grab it as you can!!!*

The set as always composed by me as well as the poses. For the set i used a wonderful Office Room from MP.(i remember seeing it at a MadPea hunt)

I am wearing the awesome Femme Fatale from Pixicat and NIKA heels from N-core for the Collabor88 – Feb round, one of my loves – Louise hair from Claudia Boutique.

All photos © Sunny Difference



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