NEW from {aii} – the Ugly&Beautiful for the Skin Fair 2016 :

Flickr entry 1 & 2

{aii} comes this time with a special surprise, the Freak Head and the Tsukiakuma Head. Their mission is to open the gates of your fantasy, guiding you into your deepest, unknown till now, feelings and abilities.

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Read it, but keep it secret

Both are made for Omega applier system with many eye colors options, so you can use the skin of your choice and make your unique vibe penetrate the universe.

The Sacred Talisman pack is a perfect addition for the whole energy. It has 2 parts, a wearable one and orb one, that floats around you in a tormenting speed. You can find it at the main store.

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Always protected and kept in balance by the two wonderful spirit guides

I have added to the scene other awesome pieces from them, the Talisman hat and the 2 wonderful spirit guides dragons, that accompany you everywhere, protecting and advising. I have a special affinity with these 2 beings and i love them since i took them from {aii} some years ago.

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I am watching you with all my nine eyes

I’ve applied the Ursula skin from PumeC on the Freak head, through the special Omega kit made for {aii} heads, and, as you can see, it looks awesome. you can find this special applier here.

I am wearing Isis mesh body from Belleza and the mesh kimono in yellow from Pixicat.


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