It’s all bright and fresh, swinging away through the fields of pixel blooms, smiling delicately to the chirping little birds. Spring is here at last!!!

Flickr entry

NEW from titzuki for Multiverse event :
~ Medusa collar, transparent and shinny, made from plastic of the highest quality, in amazing colors via HUD. It’s brightness and glow can also be modified in this way. Comes with a very close friend, the Olympus set, so grab them both imediately !

I had a, i don’t know, historic vibe while wearing it to feel it to see where it will lead me, while the piece was originally created for a sci fi event that goes on.
Well, you know, the one doesn’t exclude the other 😀

blog titzuki medusa collar
See that smile? Medusa is happy !

Sooooo, i thought that this elaborate 10 levels high wedding cake wig from Curio Obscura, with delicate feathers and roses is the perfect match for the collar.
What does a girl need more, that’s why i said that is better to feel light and free 😀

The beautiful make-up is from Curio too, got it at an Arcade, was there as a bonus. Again perfect perfection :P.

The sit is the cloudy swing from Flowey, the Air Chair 2.0

Wearing also the Isis mesh body from Belleza and Rhea skin from Avenge.

Voila !


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