Baby, take me to heaven :3

(Sinister voice and an even more sinister laugh in the end)
“Repeat after me : No matter what it takes, always and forever yours”

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NEW from NOMAD :

-> At Collabor88 March 2016, you will find the three Wed-O-Matic vendors/machines, in sweet pastel colors, sweeter than the summer love, that will guarantee your forever union with anyone you desire, even with your huge ego, as the creator correctly mentions in the introduction of this marvel.

Soft blue, pink and beige or white, dunno for sure, with fancy heart shaped buttons, these machines will wed you in an instant and give you the rings too. O.O
Yeah, they give wedding rings too, it’s incredible!!!…. And chewed chewing gum to stick behind your ear…No, not that lol

blog nomad wedd-o-matic
“You will do it, no matter what”

-> For Fifty Linden Fridays, Nomad prepared a pair of awesome Art Deco Speakers, one blue and one pink (what’s with the color choices this time, Pira, huh? Spring mood and stuff ? lol).

So, take them all, cause you know you need such crazy stuff, is totally funny to say your vows in front of a machine and be heard through these speakers everywhere.

Wearing the cool bathrobe that I took from London City, it’s a freebie they offer there, the Gaby Hair Dark Strawberry from Alli&Ali Design(free on MP) and the awesome bunny high heels slippers from Sugar Button Boutique (if i remember correctly they where a group gift for a while).

Poses and set made by me.


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