NEW from !gO! at the main store :

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-> RAGWITCH dress&top, a new set in 4 colors, inspired from the sweet childhood memories, when everything is pure and innocent.
Here wearing the whole set in Maroon. I love the bucolic feeling, the delicate details (again, pay close attention to how beautifully the fabric fringe is reproduced, it’s incredible!!!)
It has an adorable small rabbit stuffed toy, that rests in the pocket in front, such a special and filled with stories detail.

blog !gO Ragwitch dress1
The little rabbit calls his friend, the goose, to look up and listen to him.

The Winter Shawl Side Bangs Floral IV from The Secret Store (past Arcade Gacha item – you can still find it at the main store) is completing the bohemian look.

At the March Arcade Gacha Event, iBi makes his come back with the amazing New Beginnings set, love it all as usual, from which i used for the scene the following items :
– Hen set,
– Geese set,
– Cardigan Chair set,
– Fences set and
– Windmill RARE set.

Helping the entire scene is the beautiful fence from [we’re closed], it has such a natural and realistic feeling and structure.

Wearing also Isis mesh body from Belleza and Rhea skin from Avenge.


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