More like summer than spring, but we have to start earlier.

Flickr entry 1 and 2

TODAY the March round of Tres Chic starts and has wonderful things to offer you, so get your wallets ready :

-> BlackRose comes with a beautiful Cardigan Outfit Crochet set – blouse, pants and a very comfortable long crochet cardigan.
Take my word, you won’t get enough of it, you will wear it in many ways, in parts or as a whole, wherever you will go.

blog tres chic hobo boat1
It’s the sweet breeze that makes things happen.

-> <Heart Homes> by Aphrodite brings you the new Finnish Sauna Boat, comes in PG and adult versions, with loooooooooooots of things to do on it, from lazying aroundon your own or with company, till taking a shower, playing guitar, chatting, having wild and steamy moments. The whole boat is a full adventure.

Yeah, I am in love with the geese and hen that 8f8 created for the March Arcade Gacha, so I’m using them in almost every photo for the time being, so no complains, ok?!

Wearing also the Isis mesh body from Belleza, of course, the Rhea skin from Avenge and one of my beloved, the Steamer hair from Olive.


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