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It’s bags time and for this reason you have to come to the March round of Tres Chic that will open its gates in just few hours from now!!!!

So, titzuki thought for this round to make something unique, both from design point of view and inspiration. So they came up with the Caleidoscope clutches.

Wonderful execution, wonderful and unique textures, in bright powerful colors, a statement. They have 2 versions of attachment to your hands.

blog tc titzuki caleidoscope bag2
Perfect designs for a day at the library. Oh, there are books too :d

If you have ever played with a caleidoscope (I still am, it’s mesmerising, is among my favourite toys. No, not a sex toy :d), than these clutches are for you.
Take them all!!!!

I am wearing the smashing Costa Rica dress from Fame Femme and the awesome jeans in blue from BlackRose, both awaiting for you at this round of Tres Chic ( special post for these 2 babies, coming shortly, so stay tuned).


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