Costa Rica – Rotterdam, one way ticket

Last minute preparations before my flight.

Flickr entry

NEW at Tres Chic, come and get them all :

-> Cardigan Outfit Crochet outfit by BlackRose from which I’m wearing here the great jeans pants in cyan. Perfect fit on mesh body, perfect fit with many looks, all day long. Comfortable and sexy !

-> Effloresce Necklace by Empyrean Forge worn here in Gold. Empyrean Forge is already established as a serious brand name in SL through their constant effort and attention to every detail, offering super high quality creations, designs, and prices. I am amazed by them every time and i always attend events that host them.

blog tres chic ef and ff
So precious and beautiful!

-> Rotterdam high heels sandals by Essenz are the perfect everyday sandal to wear this spring in SL. Perfectly created, in a great set of color choices. Love them!

-> CostaRica dress by Fame Femme is one of this round’s gorgeous spring dresses, so slick, chic, urban, with clean and bold lines that are visible from far. Your presence will be noticed everywhere you will go.

-> Caleidoscope clutches by titzuki, as I’ve already said it, are top of the top creations, unique and soooooo beautiful !

Wearing also the Isis mesh body from Belleza, of course, the Ursula skin from PumeC and my beautiful Kendall hair from Bold&Beauty.


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