NEW from aii-The Ugly&Beautiful :

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-> At Epiphany :
An amazing, transcendental Demon Exorcist Gacha set meant to transform you completely.
From the whole set I’m wearing the following :
– Amaterasu Bindi tintable
– Dragon Breath
– Fuse Guardian Beads
– Mist Shawl Night
– Ororochi RARE
– Serpant Tongue

blog aii4
The Serpent will guide you !

Many items are animated and the whole set is amazingly created and put together, with a lot of options to match your needs.
This whole set comes together with an unique item available ONLY for the event, can’t find it after it finishes. So keep that in mind!

-> At the main store you can find the freshly created Face Battle Scars pack from which I’m wearing a little mix of several tattoos, since they come as appliers and tattoo layers.

The hair is Morana from Boudoir and the eye make-up is Citra from Zibska for Skin Fair 2016.


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