NEW from Zibska for We<3RolePlay – April round 2016 :

Flickr entry

For the April round, Zib has created 3 marvelous sets of adornments/jewelry/ haute couture accessories :
Helmine – has something totally special, the head piece has an unique shape and fit, inducing you an outworldy feeling. The shoulder pads complete the whole set, all pieces exuding class.
Roos – is the nature’s call, delicate roses and leaves, covering and carressing your head and shoulders.
Usha – love this set, cubic, delicate, made with wonderful precision, creating such a playful and enjoyable feeling.

blog zibska WLRP april 2016 a
Ethereal beauty

All 3 of them come with color change and resize HUD, wonderful colors and textures as usual, all pieces are independent, so you can mix them accordingly to your taste and feeling (and occasion). They go perfectly together, combining with each other’s vibe and design fluidly.

They are all worthy!!!! ❤

Wearing also Isis mesh body from Belleza, Charli mesh hair from Bold&Beauty and Rhea skin from Avenge.


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