Took me back in time to the theaters of the early 20th century!!! Yeah, was awesome then!!!

Flickr entry

I LOVE the new Egyptian outfit – ISET The Queen of Nile – that Chandra from !dM – deviousMIND made for this round of We<3RolePlay.

I am a huge fan of everything ancient, Egyptian included, of course.

blog !dM egyptian dress new flickr

When i saw her announcement, I knew I HAVE to have it. You HAVE to have it too, it’s incredible! I am wearing here the Turqoise edition .

blog !dM egyptian dress new flickr1

Since the first moment I saw this majestic Cobra, I wanted to do a shooting with her, but till now, i guess, it wasn’t the right moment yet. Now it came! Yeah this mind blowing Cobra cuddling sit from 22769 is total and I love her forever!!! (have it for quite a while)

The rest of the scene is made by me with simple prims, pose also made by me.

Wearing Charli mesh hair from Bold&Beauty(from the recent Hair-O-Logy), Isis mesh body from Belleza, Rhea skin from Avenge (as you see lots of ancient references already :D) and the headdress from Solaris outfit made by Fallen Gods Inc. .


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