Flickr entries 1 & 2

On 10th of April, a new fashion event will open its gates and you will have to note it down on your “Awesome fashion events” calendar.

The new event goes by the awesome name EPICENE and for its first round has prepared for you an incredible fashion designing team !

For now i will show you some glimpses of what is to be there. So :

Noble Creations comes with the new Steampunk Leather Wings, in black and brown, with a harness that embraces your breast and waist, gently and tenderly. No, your nipples won’t be hurt in the process. Aroused, sure thing ! (male and female versions)blog epicene wings flickr

Dita Actor, through Oddfish Studio, comes with the awesome Nothing is Random 3D piece of moving art with display and on/off switch. In B&W floating and constantly rotating cubes, this installation is addictive.

blog epicene wings flickr2

WetCat has made a perfect poses&props set for the music lovers and not only, the Best Song Ever. Comes with many great poses for men and women, and the props are awesome and right to the point. You get the headphones that can be customized at your size and color preference, the guitar that can change color and the amplifier that has animated texture (you know, when you want the beat). I wanted them red 😀 . The pose is from the set.

I’m wearing, as always, the sexy Isis mesh body from Belleza, Rhea skin from Avenge, Aries Cup from Storybook for Whimsical.


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