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NEW at Epicene – April round 2016 :

This time I feel like all the following designers, maybe without knowing it, synchronized their vibes, cause what they made for the event, simply is made for each other in my view

~ titzuki brings the harang skirt, in 2 parts that can be worn separately too. It’s unisex, can be mixed in various ways, as the colors it provides are perfect for this.
~ GUTCHI made an awesome pair of galactic headphones named GALAXY. It comes in 2 options, on your head or on your neck, you can wear them both in the same time, as a intergalactic explorer wanting to stay in touch with the universal vibes. Great color options via HUD with perfect combos.

blog epicene april 1a
Universal energy

~ I love this new CYBER hair from A&Y Dext. Has a perfect fit, beautifully elaborate, many options via HUD, so you can customize it and its cyber parts in detail. Awesome textures for both hair and metallic parts, in wonderful colors.
~ [TWC] created something very special and unique – Your tears, melted metal running from your sidereal eyes. Love this idea and it is made in the most perfect way. Comes both as tattoo for us, old school system headers, as well as apps for the mesh heads.

NEW from Aii-The Ugly&Beautiful :
~ at the main store, Aii the Devil has released the incredible Dead Sleepless Skin collection, for system avis and mesh body&head fans alike.
Many options, will show your true mood, especially before the morning or afternoon or whenever you have it, coffee, right before embarking in a new fantasy RP session 😀


I’m wearing also :
– Isis mesh body from Belleza
– mesh breastplate Aries Gold from Storybook
– 3 Classic Wing Eyeliners no.3 from League
– Geisha lipstick in red from aii-The Ugly&beautiful
– Cyborlyte Eyes – Blush L from *By Snow*

Shot on location Queen’s Gambit Declined. Totally amazing place, you must not miss this!!!! ❤


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