New from Zibska for Depraved Nation’s The 100 Block Event 09 – 30 April :

~ Zib has created 3 new incredible lipsticks and 3 new wonderful eye make-ups for this occasion :
Shir, Claudette and Fina eyeshades, each of them in 12 amazing colors,
Sable(16 colors), Ultrav(4 colors – limited gift for the event) and Tempt(12 colors) lipsticks

As with her exquisite line of clothing/shoes and accessories, Zib is a fantastic make-up creator and designer, using unique tone and color combinations, as well as textures. From mat to shinny, from pearl to iridescent, there is nothing she can’t do!!! Love them all!!!

Here I am wearing the Sable no.12 lipstick and Shir no.3 eye shadow. Simply gorgeous!

The hair is mesh Mint from little bones for Uber event.

I’m wearing Rhea skin from Avenge and Sorrow eyes from Dead Apples.


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