At the Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life 2016, some incredible things happen :

~ Fallen Gods Inc. at FF-RFL 2016 made an incredible skin for the Fantasy Faire – GOLD skin, in Pure(as I’m wearing here), Scales, Draco, Oceanica and Queen of the Delta(which is in auction at the faire, exclusive item). I love it forever of course!!!! Appliers for everything and everyone. The skin comes in the pack with eyes, outfit and mesh hair. Alia also built the incredibly fantastic Golden Delta sim that is one of the hosting sims of the event, an ancient Egypt themed place that has to be lived. It’s simply beyond words what Alia did there, every time everything is so real and palpable, breathing and vibrating!!!!

blog fallen gods1
She is Gold!!!

~ Fallen Gods in co-operation with Faida at FF-RFL 2016 created the awesome Whistles ancient dress, in many color options, amazing details and fit.

~ Wasabi Pills at FF-RFL 2016 made the incredibly beautiful CLEO mesh hair

~ Other Skin(OS) at FF-RFL 2016 came with the wonderful :
HOPE wearable snake and
– the unique PROPHECY Pharaoh beard.

~ !Musa! at FF-RFL 2016 created among many marvelous things, the EYE BALL necklace.

At We ❤ RolePlay – April round other incredible things are going on and among them :

~ Les Encantades at We<3RP- April round came with the beautiful ALESIA jewelry set, necklace and arm bracelets.

All that on Isis mesh body from Belleza and Blacktops lipstick from Zibska


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