NEW from Malena Von Dash(MVD) :
-> Marilyn swimsuit and hat, in incredible fabrics, classic beauty quality, vintage vibe, B&W classic cinema, elegance, luxury, all wrapped up in the summer warmth.

NEW at Uber – Free style round :
-> N-Core comes with KATE mesh heels, fit for mostly all known mesh bodies and feet, in exquisite colors, and awesome choices : lace, leather, net, etc. Here I’m wearing them in red lace, such a beauty!

All this on :
– Isis mesh body from Belleza
– Rhea skin from Avenge
– Dura Girl 51 black from DURA
– Flamingo Safari necklace (Red) from Chic Zafari (present Zafair)
– Chinese umbrella A from JOMO

Pose made by me.

Shot on location, in PARIS – Hermoupolis sim, designed with wonderful taste and grace.


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