Titzuki made a while ago (i am a bit late with that, i know), but this is a piece that will become cult – a crazy diamond fruits plate called OPULENCE, luxurious and decadent to the infinity and I LOVE IT. Even the juice that drops from your lips becomes diamonds !!!!! Dri(ee)p down with lust ❤


Fallen Gods Inc., through the flesh carving hands of Alia, came up with an alluring tattoo set, face and body, inspired by the depths of the occult – the Clairvoyant and Auspex set. Comes in several color choices, i picked up the blood henna here. Love it. You will find it at the Twisted Hunt that will start soon.

The rest is 100% moi, with the exquisite booN signature haircut that i adore and the voluptuous updated Belleza Isis awesome body on Rhea skin from Avenge and amazing eyes from L’Etre.

Pose made by me with Anypose hud.
Windlight – “itsgonnarain” + 1 projector


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