JOMO – transcending time

Aside from being an incredible talented skin, clothes, mesh bodies and fantasy avatars, the creator of JOMO is an incredible story teller.

JOMO vintage3
Tried to perceive it in a vintage post card style from these far away lands.

The initial place, which was an unique gem in Second Life, doesn’t exist anymore, but was replaced by an even more stunning creation that is the present realm of Chinese myth.

JOMO vintage2
The details are splendid.

Descending in the marketplace of a busy, but spectacular, Chinese traditional city, the visitor is subtly invited to take a stroll along the beautifully paved streets.

JOMO vintage1
One can relax listening to traditional Chinese music.

The path leads you inevitably outside the city walls, where the even more outstanding story is unfold. High mountains, narrow paths, beautiful tall trees that cast a delicate shadows, waterfalls that sing joyfully the tunes of ancient secrets, everything is inviting you to take a rest, enjoy, breath deep the fresh air and the scented breeze and contemplate the beauty of eternal and infinite miracle that is Life.

JOMO vintage4
Here you can enjoy endless hours of peaceful meditation.

Majestic, intimate, warm, embracing, protective, strong and bold, this place is destined to remain forever one of the most unique creations I have seen till now in Second Life.

Immerse in this incredible time machine, let your senses perceive every and each treasure that JOMO has to offer you.

Everything that you will see here is exclusively made by the master mind of JOMO’s creator. Most of them can be also bought from the several shops opened downtown, in its marketplace.

Pure love ❤ !

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