Pandora’s Box of Dreams

It changes over time, living many lives and telling many stories, remaining always the same though….the same spirit!

sunset breeze
August 2015 – Dream Island (summer Hawaiian themed)

Summer, winter, spring or autumn, Japanese, Hawaiian, Indian or fantasy themed, Pandora’s Box of Dreams will always surprise you, amaze you, allure you, enchant you with her sensibility, delicacy, tenderness, love and warmth…

walking with the gods
June 2015 – Indian themed (Pandora’s creators home sim, opened for only 2 weeks to the public)
February 2015 – Dreams of Sakura(Asian/Japanese themed, simply incredible)

I love all their creations, pure trance every single time…

secret whispers
June 2015 – Two weeks of Indian lush and luxurious pleasures
June 2015

My Flickr album dedicated to Pandora’s Box of Dreams.

Take the flying dragon to Pandora’s realities.

All photos © Sunny Difference



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